Green Tea Cleanser


It is a silky smooth cleanser with significant cleaning and soothing properties. It conditions the skin as it contains peptides from silk protein. These peptides fix themselves on the keratin in the skin providing protective and soothing properties and stimulating the retention of moisture in the upper layers of the skin.

The Green Tea Extract is included for its high content of polyphenols which produce a calming effect and a feeling of wellbeing.

Recommended for any kind of skin type. Ideal for dehydrated skins that need to recover softness and transparency.

114,99 zł

capacity 150 ml
place face
concern moisturizing, anti-aging
skin type all, oily, dry, normal, combination
texture gel
category cleaners
Model A00002
Proteins of silk peptides:

These peptides are deposited on creatine in the skin to provide protection and soothing properties and stimulate moisture retention in the upper layers of the skin.

Green tea extract:

This was added due to the high content of polyphenols, which give a calming effect and a feeling of well-being. It also has antioxidant properties.
Apply directly to the damp face, lather and rinse off with plenty of water. For made-up eyes use a damp cotton pad impregnated with the product then rinse with water.