Shinestop Cleanser


It is a facial cleansing gel with purifying and correcting properties for oily skin. It has great cleansing capacity without excessively drying out the skin because that would have a bounce back effect with immediate secretion by the sebaceous glands. Proof of its respect for sebaceous balance is that fact that it hardly produces foam having a delicate action but at the same time producing a profound cleansing effect.
It contains a beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid, that impedes the build-up of keratin in the hair follicle preventing the formation of blackheads.

Specially formulated for cleansing and stabilising oily and mixed skin types which have a tendency to manifest impurities.

114,99 zł

capacity 150 ml
place face
concern moisturizing, anti-acne
skin type oily
texture gel
category cleaners
Model A00104

which works like a regulator of the skinfs ecosystem. It is, therefore, a purification agent that impedes the proliferation of germs when sebum accumulates. 

Purslane extract:

(Podulace oleracea) has significant and proven calming and reduction of irritation properties which help to maintain the skin uniform and without colour change.
Do not use around the eye. Gently message into the face using circular movements, leave to act for a few minutes and the rinse off with plenty of water. It is advisable to cleanse the face with this product twice a day: in the morning and before going to sleep.