Delicate Cleanser


It is a cleansing gel made up of natural surfactants (substances that work as foaming agents whose balanced composition respects the natural characteristics of the skin). This product does not contain ethoxylated products or sulphates.

Recommended for use on very sensitive skin. It can be used as a makeup remover for eyes.

114,99 zł

capacity 150 ml
place face
skin type combination, oily
texture gel
category cleaners
Model A90002

is a 100% natural surfactant which comes for the bark of a Brazilian tree with a high content of saponin (natural soap) which improves the cleansing properties of other surfactants.


a naturally occuning surfactant, derived from glucose, which gives a clearing effect without irritating and removing too much of the skin's natural oils.


is a moisturising component obtained from beets that regulates the moisture balance in the skin cells.


This is a natural oil that helps to reconstruct the cutaneous protective barrier and reinforces the skin's natural defence mechanisms.
Apply directly to the damp face, lather and rinse off with plenty of water. For made-up eyes use a damp cotton pad impregnated with the product then rinse with water.

One of the best beauty tips is skin cleansing. You should always cleanse your skin before going to bed.