About us

CASMARA COSMETICS is a Spanish company with offices and laboratories in Valencia and Miami, which is active in research, manufacturing and distribution of high quality dermo-cosmetics for the best salons and spas around the world. Casmara was established in 1974 by a group of experts with long tradition in the high quality dermo-cosmetics industry.
The company is active in the design area of the product, as well as in its own production. It results in obtaining products of very high quality and in differentiation against competitors, both nationally and internationally. Casmara offers a unique dermo-cosmetic solutions for face and body composed of the most innovative and exclusive ingredients with refined texture and smell. The dermo-treatments are designed to fit any stage of life. Research conducted by pharmaceuticals allows for the most appropriate concentration and combination of the most effective ingredients.

The best proof of our efforts in designg the cosmetics are the effects Clients see.

Casmara’s innovative efforts resulted in significant expansion in the international market. Currently Casmara cosmetics brand is present in 64 countries around the world. The company’s mission is to always be harmonic with the latest trends in cosmetics globally.