CASMARA takes care of every detail in products. Quality is the result of a complex system, which comprises of:
Monitoring of the entire process, from the production to delivery.

The quality of the preparation is equal to its effectiveness.
Quality of raw materials is selectively adjusted.
The quality of packaging is Exclusive.
The quality of production is equal to Excellence.
The quality of protection is Empowering.
The quality of the presentation is equal to Elegance.
Each service is personalized.
During every single day, we at Casmara:
Fully satisfy customer needs and expectations.
Continuely monitor improvement process in order to increase the quality of our services.
All members of a company fully participate in an organized teamwork called - Total Quality Management.
All our suppliers participate in the process of Total Quality Management.

We are certified with ISO 22716.
We are distinguished by a set of standards that is used in the production called “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”, which was developed for the pharmaceutical industry