Hydro ElixirCell Cream


Light texture and moisturising self-rejuvenating shock treatment with a pleasant feel to the skin due to the presence of a new and exotic oil coming from Indonesia: the virgin oil of Kendi (Aleurites moluccana). It is traditionally used for its sensory properties and dermo-protective ingredients (omega-3 and tocopherols). Due to the correct combination and concentration of the latest active ingredients, this emulsion provides your skin with a global tool for fighting the signs of ageing.

264,99 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern rejuvenating, anti-aging
skin type dry, normal
texture cream
category creams
Model A85001

Innovative multi-functional peptide based on the aconitase protein. This protein, essential to our organism, behaves in a very particular way since with the daylight, it protects the cellular structures that may be .posed to the free radicals (sun), while at night when these threats disappear, it changes its way of action and works at increasing the cellsY energetic reserves (ATP). This double action of ChondricareFE allows adaptation to the skin's needs throughout the entire day (day-night).


It is a liposorne formula prepared from a pea peptide mixture. The pea contains all the creation power of a seed, capable of growing into a mature plant, just like the stem cells. However, unlike other plant-derived active ingredients related to these types of cells, E-MORTAL® directly stimulates the skin's stem cells through peptide technology instead of using entire plant-derived stem cells. It activates and revitalises the skin's stem cells to restore cellular functionality and equilibrium, two important qualities of youthful looking skin that are lost during the ageing process.


Beet-extracted hydrating molecule that helps to maintain the cellular water balance. This intelligent moisturizer has an osmolyte function.
Apply directly to a clean face and neck until the product has been absorbed. Apply the cream 1-2 times per day. For ideal results, use it in combination with the ElixirCell Complex serum from the same product range. Due to its fluid and light texture, it is especially recommended for normal, mixed and dehydrated skins. It can also be used as a day cream for any skin type.