Nutri ElixirCell Cream


Ultra-efficient self-rejuvenating treatment cream. Its enriched texture consists of a mixture of oils containing "polyunsaturated fatty acids", specially known for their derma-protective properties. Due to the correct combination and concentration of the latest active ingredients, this emulsion provides your skin with a global tool for fighting the signs of ageing.

264,99 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern lifting, rejuvenating
skin type dry, normal
texture cream
category creams
Model A85002

Innovative multi-functional peptide based on the aconitase protein. This protein, essential to our organism, behaves in a very particular way since with the daylight, it protects the cellular structures that may be exposed to the free radicals (sun), while at night , when these threats disappear, it changes its way of action and works at increasing the cells' energetic reserves (ATP). This double action of Chondricaree allows adaptation to the skin's needs throughout the entire day (day-night).


Active ingredient obtained from the cortex of the white lupin seed. It is considered a wrinkle filler due to its potential for increasing type I collagen synthesis. It also stimulates the synthesis of protective proteins (HSP), which help to fight the appearance of wrinkles.


Consists of a mixture of 8 plants that provide isoflavones that will give place to the famous phytoestrogens. It diminishes signs of ageing, normalizes pigmentation and helps to redefine the face contour.
Apply the cream to a clean face and neck until the product has been absorbed. For ideal results apply the cream 1 or 2 times per day and use it in combination with the ElixirCell Complex serum of the same product range. Due to its enriched texture, it is especially recommended for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. It can also be used as a night cream for normal skin types.