Clarifying concentrate Cream


Powerful ultra concentrated skin lightening serum with new lightening, anti-wrinkle and illuminating ingredients. Using this product is essential if you want to achieve a mother of pearl skin effect with younger and more radiant skin.

420,00 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern lighting up, anti-aging
skin type all, oily, dry, normal, combination
texture cream
category creams
Model A30001


New anti-wrinkle active ingredient and lightener a dioecious acid called oleic acid. CASMARA is a pioneer in the use of this new and exceptionally effective active ingredient. Lightening and illuminating active ingredient. Microcapsules of extract of


which has a 40% concentration of the active ingredient Galbidrin (its encapsulation prevents oxidisation, so retaining its balance, strengthening its effectiveness and improving its penetration into the skin.


active lightening and illuminating ingredient obtained from the flower of Bellis perennis.

Due to the presence of oleic acid contact with the eyes (eyelids) should be avoided. If contact with the eyes does occur, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

The first few times that the product is used there may be an itching sensation and/or a temporary reddening of the skin. This is also due to the presence of the acid. After a few minutes apply your usual cream or Casmara Light Complex (regenerating lightener).

If the skin is sensitive apply only on alternate nights. Daily morning use of Casmara D&A Restorer (anti-aging illuminator) SPF 50 on the entire surface is ESSENTIAL.

Avoid applying this Clarifying Concentrate while exposed to the sun (sunbathing or in the presence of UVA rays).

The treatment must be used daily. Apply at night. At night apply the Clarifying Concentrate (Anti-wrinkle illuminator) to clean dry skin Apply it to all areas (facial, neck, chest and hand areas) or to treat a small area with pigment. AVOID THE EYE AREA. Daily morning use of Casmara D&A Restorer (anti-aging illuminator) on the entire surface is ESSENTIAL. It is possible that for the first minute the skin will appear white as a result of the highly effective substances but this will disappear straight away leaving a radiant and luminous effect.