Shine Stop Sebum Regulating Gel


Selective Oil Balance is an oil-free facial treating gel, that intelligently regulates the oil secretion. It treats the oily areas in a specific way, liberating a sebum regulating compound. It also acts at the level of hyperkeratinization and the inflammation of the hair follicle. The irregular sebum secretion, together with the excessive formation of keratin, induce the appearance of dilated pores, blackheads and pustules that may result in acneic processes.

Regulating gel and normalizer of the sebum secretion indicated for combination and oily skins, including acneic skins. Due to its properties, it is also an ideal product to apply after shaving and depilation of skins with tendency to develop folliculitis.

184,99 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern moisturizing, anti-acne
skin type oily, normal, shiny
texture gel
category creams
Model A00102


a new active concept indicated for oily skins. They are microspheres of collagen and marine glycosaminoglycans covered with an oily film that carry zinc gluconate internally. When applying this active on the skin, in the oily areas it starts dissolving the protective film, releasing the microspheres of collagen and mucopolysaccharides. These, like little liposomes, penetrate into the skin, where the epidermic enzymes break them up, liberating the zinc gluconate, with regulating properties of the sebum secretion. In the dry areas, the oily film is not dissolved, and the active not liberated; therefore, we can say that it is a selective ingredient that only acts in the affected areas.


is a purified extract of the Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum), rich in aquaporins. The aquaporins are proteins that participate in maintaining the cutaneous hydric balance, reestablishing the natural aqueous circulation of the skin and optimizing the moisture content of the epidermis.


is a brand new system to transport actives that imitates the structures of microscopic marine algae composed of countless channels. Those channels are filled with hydrating actives that are liberated and absorbed according to the skin’s moisture demand. This way we obtain a continuous and long lasting hydration of the skin. Lastly it contains spherical particles that absorb excess oil and mattify the shine of the skin.

Apply on the entire cleansed face.