Eye Correct


A gel treatment specifically formulated for the skin around the eyes. It reduces puffiness, dark shadows and improves the appearance of “crows feet”. It is formulated from a beetroot extractnmoisturiser and a hydrogel base that steadily releases the active ingredients.

174,99 zł

capacity 10 ml
place face
concern moisturizing, lifting, nutrition, rejuvenating
skin type combination, normal, dry, oily, all
texture serum
category creams
Model A50003


is a hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of less than 200 kDa. The application of hyaluronic acid molecules of this size is particularly effective for skin that has been altered by normal ageing or environmental factors due to its capacity to restore the skin's natural plumpness, fill in wrinkles and of course improve internal hydration and elasticity.


combines a peptide to encourage lymphatic drainage around the eye area with a flavonoid to combat the pigments that cause under-eye discolouration.


is one of the peptides most commonly used in beauty treatments as it is highly effective in limiting the movements around the eyenarea that can lead to the appearance of "crows feet". It has widely proven anti-wrinkle qualities. its improvement on wrinkles around this area is almost instantaneous.

Apply directly to the eyelids and the area around the eye. Once applied, pat gently with fingertips to improve absorption. Apply as many times as required. One useful tip is to keep the product in the refrigerator (never the freezer). Applying the product cold is particularly refreshing and diminishes the signs of fatigue in the eyes.