BodyArt-F Cream


Firming Cream Body Art-F is a concentrate of active substances modeling the body.

It increases firmness and improves skin tone. It provides a complete solution for all the problems of flaccidity of the skin. It regenerates. Osmo-hydration and improved skin elasticity.

For all skin types, unisex.

145,00 zł

capacity 200 ml
place body
skin type all, oily, dry, normal, combination
texture cream
category creams
Model A15403


The extract of unicellular algae (Chlorella vulgaris) with a special ability to cell division, which supports a global restructuring of the network of fibers of the skin. The direct effect of modeling ensures the proper consistency between the epidermis and dermis, improving the ability of regeneration and elasticity of the skin.

Hydroxyprolisilane CN®:

The active ingredient derived from biotechnology combined organic silicone with amino acids typical of the protein fibers of the skin. This mixture stimulates the skin cells and fibroblasts, while providing the necessary materials and building blocks necessary for the synthesis of amino acids fibers. Tests on the body and in vitro have demonstrated its action as a regenerator and restorer of the skin. Moreover, they showed its effects as preventing and repairing striae.


The new concept of vitamin C (ascorbic acid Glikozyk) with high stability and bioavailability in obtaining maximum benefits from the well-known properties of vitamin C. It helps prevent and heal skin damage caused by sunlight (antyrodnikowy effect) and increases collagen synthesis affecting the quality and strength of the skin.

Apply once a day preferably after showering.