PURIFYING Treatment (Oxygenating & Refreshing)


Oxygenating & Refreshing

Beauty Plan Oxygenating and Refreshing effects formulated with Seaweed Extract, Micro-capsulated and Mint

BEAUTY PLAN by CASMARA. 20-minute Beauty Plan to care of your skin at home with professional results.

Beauty Plan Oxygenating and Refreshing effects formulated with Seaweed Extract, Diatomaceous Earth and Cerasome Oxygen®. Oxygenates, moisturizes and reactivates the skin. It provides benefits for your face while you relax.

Especially formulated for mixed, oily skin which is often shiny. Unisex formula.

49,99 zł

place face
concern moisturizing, lifting
skin type combination, capillaries, normal, dehydrated, dry, oily, all
category masks
box content 1 piece
Model A10002

1 Purifying Algae Peel-Off Mask + 1 Oxygenating ampoule. This cosmetic combination will completely pamper your skin.

Oxygenating Ampoule (Pure Oxygen03). Double oxygenating effect: Helps the skin’s natural renewal process.

Purifying Algae Peel-Off Mask formulated with Seaweed Extract and Diatomaceous Earth, active ingredients from the sea, which give the mask refreshing and oxygenating properties.

Purifying Mask helps eliminate toxins providing intense skin moisturization.

Once this product has been applied there is a pleasant cooling effect which tones and restores the oval of the face. Unique care for the area around the eyes. It reduces puffiness and improves the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.


(ampoule). Apply cream from the ampoule on the cleansed face and massage until totally absorbed. Keep a small portion to apply as a skin sealer after having peeled off the mask.


(mask). Empty the contents of the sachet 1 powder followed by the contents of sachet 2 gel in to the lid of the packaging which serves as a bowl. Gently mix with the spatula in the first few seconds, then mix the contents of the two sachets energetically until they are completely combined – 40 seconds. Apply the product to the face, use gentle sliding movements with the spatula without applying pressure.

Extend the product in an ordered fashion starting with the forehead (including the eyebrows), the cheeks followed by the sides of the face and nose from one side to another, preferably in a single movement. In the same way cover the lips. Find a suitable place to relax and enjoy the treatment and complete application. 

Gently close one eye and cover with soft movement of the spatula from the centre of the face outwards. Repeat the same manoeuvre with the other eye.


Relax. Allow the mask to take its effect for at least 15 minutes. Lift up the edges of the mask and remove the mask in one piece from top to bottom.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The mask should be applied in under 5 minutes, as the mask mix will become solid after the 5th minute.

NOTE: For facial application, collect a generous quantity of the product with the spatula and apply to the area with long gentle movements covering the largest possible area in a single movement. Repeat these movements until the whole face is covered. 

ATTENTION: Avoid throwing mask pieces down the sink in order not to block it. Dispose of mask and remaining pieces in the bin. Thanks.

NOTE: In case of contact with clothing, do not touch until after 20 minutes. It will peel off easily.