Anti-Blemish KIT



Kit contains:

Natural Peeling Tri-active: Triactive technology. A synergy of 3 acids acting at 3 different levels of the skin. Hydrates,regenerates and smooths the skin’s micro surface. Ultra-deep cleansing.

Shine Control Line. Sebum Regulating Gel. Balances sebum levels – selective Intelligence. Restricts, regulates and normalizes the production of excess oil in the pores.

Shine Control Algae Peel-Off Mask: formulated with SEAWEED and VOLCANIC EARTH. This product has the capacity to absorb excess oils and eliminate the dirt that can cause the appearance of impurities in the skin.

Shine Control Mask: thanks to a combination of minerals, and rich in brimstone, this product serves to regulate skin disorders resulting from impurities in the skin.

189,99 zł

place face
concern anti-acne, moisturizing
skin type shiny, combination, acne, oily
Model A70012E/I