ElixirCell Complex Serum


Apply the cream to a clean face and neck until the product has been absorbed. For ideal results apply the cream 1 or 2 times per day and use it in combination with the ElixirCell Complex serum of the same product range. Due to its enriched texture, it is especially recommended for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. It can also be used as a night cream for normal skin types.

264,99 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern anti-aging, rejuvenating
skin type all, oily, dry, normal, combination
texture serum
category serum
Model A85003

The skin's physiological strain reflected in the early appearance of ageing signs is caused by stress and environmental influences. This causes a reduction of the cell's accumulated energy followed by a decrease in the skin's capacity to synthesise collagen, clangs and keratin. Creative is highly effective in stimulating the cellular energetic metabolism.


Resveratrol, extracted from grapes, acts on the molecular mechanisms related with cellular longevity. It stimulates the synthesis of a specific protein (sirtuins) capable of temporarily slowing down skin degeneration. It has a revitalising effect on the cells. Metabioticem Resveratrol is a high biotechnological active ingredient that has all the benefits of pure Resveratrol, excluding its inconveniences (instability), obtaining a higher bio-availability (use by the organism).


A liposome formula prepared 'from a pea peptide mixture. The pea contains all the creation power of a seed, capable of growing into a mature plant, just like the stem cells. However, unlikeipther plant-derived active ingredients related to these types of cells, E-MORTAL. directly stimulates the skin's stem cells through peptide technology instead of using entire plant-derived stem cells. It activates and revitalises the skin's stem cells to restore cellular functionality and equilibrium, two important qualities of youthful looking skin that are lost during the ageing process.
Apply the serum to a clean face and neck until the product has been absorbed. Apply the serum 1-2 times per day. For ideal results, use it in combination with the Hydro-ElixirCell or Nuti-ElixirCell cream — consult a professional. Thanks to its delicate composition, this serum can be used as an intensive treatment for any skin type throughout the year.