Ocean Miracle Plus Serum


Serum with an enriched texture 24 hour anti-ageing. Ideal for skins that require a special nourishing supplement. Skin health is enhanced by activating the cellular metabolism. eliminating the signs of ageing. It contains all the wealth of the sea combining the best active ingredients. It is the result of fusing 100% natural marine ingredients and high technology.

Suitable for dry or extra dry skin. Unisex formula. Suitable for any age at any time of year. 

169,99 zł

capacity 50 ml
place face
concern lifting, anti-aging
skin type dry
texture serum
category serum
Model A10004N

(ECOCERT® certified) this active ingredient stimulates fibroblast vitality by 450% and keratinocyte vitality by 300% as demonstrated with in vitro testing. It improves keratinocyte cohesion, improving moisturisation and protecting the skin. Other active ingredients contained in this remarkably effective plasma are: 


ECOCERT® certified. Active marine rejuvenator. It stops and reverses the cellular ageing process. It affects progerin production, a protein which causes the ageing process of the skin to accelerate. By reducing progerin levels, the cellular detoxification processes and the synthesis of the skin's own proteins are improved; furthermore, it increases moisturisation and firmness of the skin. It also improves the functioning of the cellular energy systems. A global active ingredient that improves all cellular processes and resulting in a more youthful appearance. 


a marine moisturiser with moisture retention properties superior to those of hyaluronic acid. It protects the skin from stress caused by the cold and is able to produce an instant improvement in wrinkles. 


a rejuvenating ingredient naturally present in seaweed that promotes cell rejuvenation and improves the metabolic function of the same. Furthermore, the produce possesses a soothing and film-forming effect similar to marine hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight.
Apply to cleansed face and neck. Apply as often as you wish. We recommend combining use with OCEAN MIRACLE PLUS CREAM and OCEAN MIRACLE MOISTURISING CLEANSER.